1-day training workshop

Tuesday 16th October 2018
Amber Energy Lounge, Sophia Gardens Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

Stephen Rollnick, PhD

This workshop will be of interest to both newcomers and those wanting an update on motivational interviewing (MI). The focus will be on how MI might support work in diverse settings where conversations about change are an everyday reality. It will include:

  • Clarity about how MI rests on familiar foundations of good practice in organisations, services, teams and educational settings.
  • Overview of the spirit and techniques used in MI
  • Opportunity to practice skills
  • Review of the language used in change conversations and how this affects outcome
  • Examination of “hot topics” in everyday practice like:
    • Rapid engagement
    • Advice-giving that is consistent with MI
    • Handling brief conversations with skill
    • Our emotional state and how this affects practice
    • Culture change in services and organisations

A wide range of learning methods will be used to create an enjoyable atmosphere for learning and sharing ideas. These will include demonstration, video observation, brief content lectures, discussion and focused practice.

Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D. is a retired clinical psychologist, co-founder of MI and currently Honorary Distinguished Professor in the Cochrane Institute of Public Health & Primary Care, Cardiff University, Wales. He was a practicing mental health psychologist in the UK NHS for 16 years, and pioneered the application of MI in health care. Over the last 25 years he has trained practitioners in diverse settings and cultures. He and William Miller have collaborated closely over this period, and produced three editions of the basic text on MI. Along with close colleagues they developed the international MINT network for trainers. Steve’s current work involves a book for schoolteachers, and one for sports coaches.


Amber Energy Lounge, Sophia Gardens Stadium, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9XR.This is a spacious and modern facility, close to the city centre, with views over the county cricket ground and surrounding parkland.


£175 for 1-day workshop. Limited reduced rate places available for registered students and for groups.

This price includes training fees, morning and afternoon refreshments, and buffet lunch. This workshop is being run privately and is not associated with the any organisation or institution.


Places will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. Please complete the online registration form and ensure that payment is authorised as soon as possible.