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MI Update and some new directions

Friday October 25th, 2013, 7.30pm to 12:30pm UK time

Join Professor Stephen Rollnick in a special fundraising Webinar, live from the UK.
This 90-minute webinar will be of interest to those new to motivational interviewing (MI) and those more familiar with it.

It is being run by a team of volunteers on behalf of a fund for children with HIV-AIDS in Africa (see www.mionepercent.org), to which all profits will be gifted.  

Stephen Rollnick PhD is Professor of Health Care Communication in the School of Medicine, Cardiff University, UK, and a co-founder of motivational interviewing. He has spent 30 years refining the method for use in many settings, and has travelled widely as a trainer working with practitioners in diverse cultures and countries. He is the co-author of standard texts on this subject has published widely in scientific journals.

The webinar
The webinar will have a strong interactive quality, with participants able to write in with questions as the event unfolds.  It will be divided into three sections, with breaks for addressing participant questions.

Section 1 will provide a brief account of the origins and essence of motivational interviewing. Section 2 will provide an update on recent developments, while Section 3 will point to a range of new developments in the field, across research and practice.

Learning objectives
This webinar aims to help participants:
  • Understand what MI is and where it comes from
  • Clarify the core skills involved and the surrounding "spirit" of the method
  • Highlight the role of evoking change talk as key process
  • Get up to date on the most recent formulation of MI
  • Consider new directions for the future, including its application away from treatment in everyday helping conversations; the use of MI in goal and change planning; the widening of MI beyond behaviour change; and how practitioner well-being promotes the use of MI and better outcomes.
Date and time
The webinar will be held on Friday 25 October 2013 for 90 minutes, starting at 12.30pm UK time.

The contribution for this event is €40.00 Euros, calculated on the day of transfer. Any proceeds will be transferred by us on your behalf, as donation to the MI 1% Fund.

Further information & registration
Website: http://miwebcasts.fikket.com/event/mi-update-and-some-new-directions
Email: info@miskillslab.com