Forthcoming Cardiff MI workshops with Professor Stephen Rollnick are outlined below.  

To hear about new training opportunities, please let us know if you would like to be placed on our mailing list.


It is more or less beyond words to capture recent months briefly, let alone peer into the future. Inspiration to forge helpful paths for ourselves and others at this time comes from two sources for us, one from the top, so to speak, the other from the bottom, so to speak:


Jucinda Ardern, the NZ Prime Minister said recently, “I’m proudly focused on empathy, because you can be both empathetic and strong”


Ralph Bouwers is working with sport, ballet and more in a township riddled with gang wars in Cape Town. Now, as Director of a not-for-profit, he is organising volunteers to feed 3,000+ children a day. His work is an inspiration, and you might like to learn more and donate directly (details below). 



Steve has teamed up with Joel Porter in Gold Coast, Australia to conduct free webinars, with two aims in mind: to reach beyond the MI bubble and make contact with people in other fields and secondly, to raise funds for community action projects.  

We have delivered three so far, and they have evolved from a fireside chat format to a more fast-paced 90 mins that include interviews with invited guests and in NO 3 below, a live demo of Elicit-Provide-Elicit.    The first three webinars were:

  1. Listening in a Time of Uncertainty
  2. Sport & Empathy
  3. Giving Advice & Feedback

 You can access recordings and news of upcoming webinars here: Motivational Interviewing Training, Workshops & Consultation. The fourth webinar will be on autonomy.



We will update you as time unfolds. Steve is working with Russell Calderwood in Cardiff to produce a series of online seminars and more, and these might be linked to in-person training should circumstances allow.



We mention this work above. We are raising funds that literally get drawn from an ATM by Ralph Bouwers to cover expenses, at present focused not on sport and ballet, but feeding children.  Ralph is truly grateful for this effort. You can read more and donate via this link: Cape Flats Gangs | The Guardians of the National Treasure | Cape Town


Kind regards to you all

Steve and the Cardiff MI team.