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Orla, Steve & Angela
Dear friends,
This is a personal update and note for friends and colleagues who have attended various webinars and workshops linked to motivational interviewing. Please feel free to share with your networks, friends, and colleagues.
Steve Rollnick is handing over the little business that is “MI Cardiff” to Orla Adams and Angela Watkins but will remain involved at the delivery end. Here is an update with some reflection pieces from the team.
What is helpfulness? 

The interest in MI has grown hugely, we think because, put very simply, people find it helpful. And there are other ways of being helpful. Can all these elements of helpfulness be integrated? Giving advice is certainly one element. Steve is putting a book together tentatively entitled, Can't You Listen? The Secret World of Advice”.  The next step might surely be to produce clear ideas on Being Helpful. Steve probably won't get there (aged 71) and will probably disappear into the world of helpful practice in sport. The big worry and challenge is that what is deemed helpful practice in parenting, education and organisations is actually often doing more harm than good. That’s what had driven an upcoming free webinar.

*FREE WEBINAR* How Motivational Interviewing Can Help You Be a Better Colleague

17 July 2024, 5:00-6:00pm, Zoom

Join us for a free introductory webinar on how Motivational Interviewing can help you at work, led by Orla Adams and Professor Stephen Rollnick, the founder of Motivational Interviewing. In this session, you will be introduced to practical techniques to enhance your communication with clients, foster better team dynamics, and create a more collaborative work environment.

This webinar is perfect for professionals in healthcare, education, sport, and many other fields looking to develop more effective and empathetic communication skills, and to help the people in your organisation to grow and develop.


*CPD certification* We are pleased to announce that MI Cardiff Workshops is now Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified, and our workshops now come with CPD credits for participants. 

1-DAY WORKSHOP – How Motivational Interviewing Can Help You Be a Better Colleague 28 November 2024, Glamorgan Cricket, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

This is a stand-alone, one-off workshop for all in work and other settings, designed to explore skills and more for improving conversations and being helpful to ourselves and others. Steve and Orla will bring the best of our experience into an enjoyable and challenging workshop.

Cost: £200 full price / £150 with discount code
New workshop 25% discount available to email newsletter subscribers and attendees of our free webinar (discounted price £150).

Please use the code when registering: MICW25

2-DAY WORKSHOP – Advancing Practice
7 & 8 November 2024, Glamorgan Cricket, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

These workshops are usually a huge success. Orla brings herself, her clinical and management experience, and her talents as a trainer to structure a fast-moving and engaging workshop, with quality time for working on conversation skills. Steve usually supports the discussion with updates, new ideas, and clarity about where MI comes from. Angela runs the whole experience from registration to post-workshop feedback and support.

This workshop will suit both beginners and those more experienced. If you are a complete novice we can help you with preparation.

You can catch some personal accounts from participants here:

Cost: £300 (we’ve reduced the cost from £350 to our 2010 prices)


2-DAY WORKSHOP – Introduction and Refresher Thursday 13th & Friday 14th February 2025, Glamorgan Cricket, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

This fast-paced workshop will suit both beginners and those wanting a refresher. It does not matter what setting you come from. The workshop is designed for people in all settings, with a keen eye also on how using Mi can improve communication in less formal conversations, even at home.

We will go through what MI is, and help you with improving your skills and integrating this into your everyday practice.

You can catch some personal accounts from participants here:

Cost: £300 (we’ve reduced the cost from £350 to our 2010 prices)

“MI & Beyond” WebinarsThese free webinars are held less often nowadays but we hope with greater punch. You can find all episodes on SpotifyApple and YouTube.

The next webinar is entitled “MI in practice: How proficient do you need to be to be helpful? and looks like it will feature contributions from Terri Moyers, Denise Ernst, Chris Wagner along with Joel Porter and Steve Rollnick. The date is MONDAY, 29 July at 2:00pm (EST), 7pm UK time. A registration link will be posted soon on

New Books

There are new books out on MI that cover some interesting fields: Motivational Interviewing Across Cultures by Christina Lee; Motivational Interviewing in Life and Health Coaching by Celia Lanner, Patty Bean & Stacey Arnold; Motivational Interviewing and CBT by Sylvie Naar & Steven Safren; and the 4th edition of the MI text by Miller and Rollnick. You can check details here:

Online Learning

Bill Miller, Terri Moyers, and I spent many, many months producing a series of courses on MI itself, MI in addiction, and MI in healthcare. You can find them here:

The Boundaries of MI

Even in the days when Mi was a form of addiction therapy (1st edition, written in 1990) people used to come to training for other settings and remark, “I do this in my work”. Then Miler & Rollnick, supported by colleagues in the newly-formed MINT network, continued to widen the boundaries to the point where now, MI is presented in the 4th edition as a style for helping people change, any change, in any setting, even the home.

Therapists continue to refine and clarify things, and researchers do their best to catch up. Does this widening process carry the risk of MI dissolving beyond all recognition? Steve thinks not, because the style and skills are clear and useful. Others might disagree.  However, this is resolved, learning MI will be requested by lots of people, from so many backgrounds. MICARDIFF will champion the needs of whoever wants to learn.   


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